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How To Track Link Clicks With Bitly Tracking
How To Track Link Clicks With Bitly Tracking

Track Link Clicks and Link In Bio Clicks.

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By providing your talent with unique links you'll be able to track click numbers and location demographics for Link Clicks & Link In Bio Clicks.

Creating a Bitly Tracking Link

  1. Go to Campaigns

  2. Create or Edit a Campaign

  3. Click Add Deliverable (or edit an existing one) and complete the deliverable information.

  4. Click Add next to Add Bitly Tracking for this deliverable?

5. Add the destination link into the Paste Link field, select an Action Type (Link Clicks or Link In Bio) then click Generate to create your unique Bitly Tracking link to share with your talent.

6. Click Done and continue creating or editing your deliverable

*Note: Each action type (Link In Bio, Link Clicks) need to be set as separate deliverables. Eg. If Talent is required to add a link to their post and a link in bio, two deliverables need to be created and assigned to be able to see individual results.

How to view Bitly Tracking results in your report

  1. Go to Reporting

  2. Click New Report

  3. When choosing profiles to add to the report, select From a campaign and choose the campaign that you have set up Bitly tracking. The report will include all talent profiles connected to that campaign.

4. Click Generate

When viewing the report, you'll find total link clicks and link in bio clicks under Important Metrics.

You'll also find the click locations on the map at the bottom of each of these tabs.

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