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How To Create A New Report
How To Create A New Report

Run live reports to track talent and campaign performance.

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Continued content reporting allows you to track long-tailed ROI in one single report that updates every hour, forever. Track content performance for one talent or one hundred in a single URL that you can share with anyone.

Creating A Report

  1. Go to Reporting

  2. Click New Report

  3. Complete the report fields

    • Report Name (Required)

    • Assign to a Client

    • Report Date Range (Required)

    • Social Channels - you can select multiple (Required)

    • @mentions/#hashtag filter - include any handles or hashtags to only display relevant posts in the report

    • Select talent (Required)

      • From a campaign

      • Individually

      • By tags

      • Include entire profile database

  4. Click Generate

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