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How To Read A Report
How To Read A Report

Our live reports explained and how to read them.

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We've broken a report down into sections to help you make the most out of your live reports.


You'll see your company name & logo, the name date range of the report any @mentions or #hashtags you're filtering the media in the report by as well as the Share Report button.


Here you'll be able to see all of the talent social accounts that you've linked to the report.

You can filter the report by ticking or unticking accounts that you do or don't want to see on the report and then selecting the Update button.

Verified Insights

Insights for Kitly Business reports update hourly on our live reports. You can see when the report was last updated here:

Kitly Business reports also help you to track long-tailed ROI. The black number is the metric within the date range you have selected for the report. The green (+) or red (-) number underneath is the increase or decrease in this metric since the report end date.

Instagram Feed

For Instagram Feed/Grid Posts, you'll be able to see metrics on:

  • Impressions: Times a media object has been seen

  • Reach: Unique accounts that have views a media object

  • Saves: Unique accounts that have saved a media object

  • Likes: Number of likes on a media object

  • Comments: Number of comments on a media object

  • Total Engagement: Average likes, comments and saves

  • Percent Engagement: Median engagement rate against reach

Instagram Stories

For Instagram Stories, you'll be able to see metrics on:

  • Impressions: Number of story views

  • Reach: Unique accounts that viewed the story

  • Exits: People who have exited a story

  • Replies: People who have sent a reply to a story

  • Taps Forward: People who have tapped forward in a story

  • Taps Backwards: People who have tapped backwards in a story

Bitly Tracking

Using Bitly Tracking, you'll be able to see metrics on:

  • Link In Bio: Number of link in bio clicks

  • Link Clicks: Number of times a link has been clicked


Locate, sort and view individual metrics on all media shared by the talent in your report.

By default, media will appear ranked from highest to lowest by Engagement. You can also choose to sort media by: Comments, Impressions, Likes, Reach or Saves.

By clicking on an individual post or story, you will be able to view the date and time of post, download to view media, see the caption and #hashtags as well as individual metrics.

Frequency vs Time of Posts

See when talent are posting across dates and times. Hover over each purple mark to view post details.

Actions By Country

View click counts and location data for Link In Bio, Swipe Ups and Link Clicks using Bitly Tracking.

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