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How To Update Team Member Permissions
How To Update Team Member Permissions

Permissions explained and how to update them for each team member.

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Managing team permissions in Kitly Business allows you to assign different levels of access for you and your team.

Here are the different permissions you can assign:

  • Admin (All Access): Can manage permissions and all other aspects of this account.

  • Talent Management: Can add/delete talent and create, edit and share talent media kits.

  • Reporting: Can create, edit and share content reports.

  • Collab Creation: Can create, delete and assign collaborations & deliverables.

*Note - New team members are given Admin (All Access) permission by default.

How To Update Team Member Permissions

  1. Go to My Team

  2. Select the ... menu to the right of the team member you'd like to edit.

  3. Here you can edit the team members information and set their permissions. Simply select the check boxes you'd like to assign your team members and click Save Changes.

*Note: You can select multiple permissions. For example, Reporting and Talent Management.

Need to add a new team member? See our How To Invite New Team Members article.

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