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How To Reconnect Talent Appearing In Error
How To Reconnect Talent Appearing In Error

Talent socials can become disconnected from their Kitly account, here's how to get them reconnected.

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Talent's social accounts can sometimes become disconnected from their Kitly accounts.

For Instagram profiles in particular, it's important to reconnect ASAP as story data exists only for the 24 hour period after it's posted. We're unable to retrieve past story posts for the period that the talent was disconnected.

How Do I Know Talent Are Disconnected?

When a talent social account becomes disconnected, you'll see their connection status turn from a tick to a cross and a See Error button appear in your Profile Database. We'll let you know when this happens with email and a notification at the top of your Kitly Business dashboard. Talent will also receive an email notification with next steps to reconnect.

Why Does This Happen?

There can be a few reasons for an account to go into error. Usually this is because talent have:

  • recently changed their Facebook/Instagram password which signs them out of connected platforms. They simply need to log in reconnect their account.

  • changed their Instagram profile from a Professional Account (Business or Creator) to a Personal or Private Account.

  • disconnected their Facebook Business Page from their Instagram profile.

How Do I Get Talent To Reconnect?

First steps are to send an email to the talent to reconnect. They receive one automatically from us but you can send this again by clicking the See Error button next to their name in the Profile Database then clicking Send.

  • Talent should start by signing into Kitly where they will see the below pop up. By clicking the Login with Facebook button, they will be taken through the steps to reconnect.

If they're unable to see the social profile they need to connect (their Instagram for example) this is usually because:

If talent are still unable to connect please reach out to your Account Manager or for assistance.

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