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The best way to onboard new talent to your Profile Database

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Streamline onboarding your talent roster with your own branded landing page. A dedicated web page to help onboard your talent with ease.

How it works

  1. Copy & Send: Copy the link and send out your customised Landing Page to your talent through your own email, text, DM's, etc

  2. Join Now: Talent simply click the "Join Now" button to create a Kitly account and connect their social accounts.

  3. Connect & View: Once your talent have created a Kitly account, their social accounts will automatically appear in your Profile Database.

*Note: Each landing page includes a link to a Kitly information page. This explains why the talent is being invited to connect, what agencies use Kitly for and that their data is secure - see page here.


How do I get mine?

Easy! If you're an existing Kitly Business partner, just send your brand logo (svg or png) and brand colour codes (hex) to your Account Manager. We'll put it together within 24 hours.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us at

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