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Creating New Campaigns & Assigning Deliverables
Creating New Campaigns & Assigning Deliverables

How to create & send campaign and deliverable information to talent and what they receive

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Using Kitly Business to communicate Campaign or Deliverable information can save multiple emails to your talent.

Create a New Campaigns

  1. Go to Campaigns

  2. Click New Campaign

  3. Add the Campaign details

    • Name of Campaign

    • Assign to a client

    • Campaign Notes

    • Attach a document (PDF)

  4. Click Next - Add Talent

  5. Choose to assign talent to your new Campaign:

    • Individually

    • From Tags

    • Assign to all profiles in Profile Database

  6. If you would like talent to be sent Campaign and Deliverable information, check the box "Send Campaign and Deliverable Details to Talent?" - *Note - Talent will only be sent this information once the Campaign has been set to Active.

  7. Click Create

Create and Assign Deliverables

  1. Click View on your newly created Campaign

  2. Click Add Deliverable

  3. Add the Deliverable details

    • Select social channel - you can also choose other deliverable types like Appearance or Podcast.

    • Select the type of Deliverable

    • Choose the Due Date or Date Range

    • Choose the Due Time or Time Range

    • Assign a Value to this Deliverable

    • Create and Add a unique Bitly tracking link to track link clicks on this deliverable - for more on Bitly Tracking click here.

  4. Click Next

  5. Add Deliverable Brief notes and add any attachments (PDF)

  6. Click Next

  7. You'll see a preview of the deliverable information and you can now assign this deliverable to talent:

    • Individually - choose from the list of talent profiles and social accounts assigned to this Campaign

    • Assign to all talent in Campaign

  8. Click Create

Sending Campaign and Deliverable details to Talent

When the Campaign and Deliverables are ready to be sent out to talent:

  1. Switch the Campaign Stage from Draft to Active

  2. All talent assigned to this Campaign will receive the Campaign details and any details on the Deliverables they have been assigned.

What Talent Receive

By Email

By Notification (if talent has the Kitly App)

Within Kitly on Desktop

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